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Here at Goddard Construction LLC. We strive to provide a product that it pleasing to to our customers. We also strive to have adequate communication between us and our customers so that we can avoid costly mistakes and slow downs. We provide a written allowance for various portions of the project.

Example: Flooring, Lighting, Appliances. We also provide samples of roofing, siding, paint, cabinets, and counter tops to choose from.

We are dedicated to keeping the cost at a fair price that doesn't force us to sacrifice the quality of the products or workmanship.

The structure includes all of the proper: Bracing, nails ,glue, screws, paint, flashing's, caulking, water sealers and air barriers to withstand the weather conditions for our area.

We have references available at your request to insure your trust in us. We uphold the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So with the help of our Lord we try to follow Colossians 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men;

We thank you for considering our Company and hope that we can satisfy your needs whether big or small.

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Finding the Best Greer Home Builders

If you’re planning on building a new home from scratch it can be an exciting experience, especially if you take a little time to plan properly. If you do it right you’ll not only end up with the home of your dreams but also a very lucrative investment. The most important decision you can make is in your choice of Greer Home Builders.

Your best guarantee of a hassle free and successful project is to take the time to find the Greer Home Builders with the most reliable track record in the industry. Finding Home Builders is not the difficult part. It might be a little harder to find reputable Home Builders that are within your budget and that you feel you can trust implicitly.

Which type of Greer Home-Builder do You Need?

You need to start by determining the type of Greer Home Builders that will be right for the job you have in mind. As with many industries you’ll find that most Home Builders specialize within a specific area of the business. Production Home Builders will use the same set of plans to build several houses. These are the homes you’ll see going up in subdivisions with several homes under construction at once. These homes can be customized to some extent by adding available options but they are not considered custom homes.

On the other hand, custom built homes come from a one-of-a-kind design plan. An architect can help you plan and create a design for the home you have in mind. With a custom home you usually buy your own building lot and have the home constructed from your own plans. Custom Home Builders also offer architectural services and building lots so you can basically find everything in one place.

How do you determine which type of
Do you have special features in mind that you just can’t find in a production built home? It’s not always easy to make changes to existing stock plans and they may just look odd once completed. Even if you make a number of changes to a set of stock home plans, you’ll still be getting a home based on the same set of plans as many others.

Greer Home Builders: Where to Begin Your Search

The internet is probably the easiest place to begin your search for reputable Home Builders. You can start by simply typing in Greer Home Builders and as you find some promising companies you can enter their specific names to find out if any complaints or other problems show up. If a company’s performance is up to standards, it’s likely you won’t find anything but if there have been problems you can bet that people are talking.

Your next option would be to talk to people you know and whose opinions you value. Friends, neighbors and colleagues can be a great help. Even if they haven’t worked with any Greer Home Builders, they can probably tell you about someone that has first hand information. Take a drive through one of the subdivisions and look for people working in their yard or out for a walk. Stop and ask a few questions. Ask if they are happy with the builders, the finished home and the neighborhood. Ask if there are any complaints.

After you’ve gathered some names of potential Greer Home Builders, you need to make some calls. These first calls to Greer Home Builders will help you to narrow down your choices. Get references from the Home Builders and make certain you check them. It’s important to find out if homeowners are happy.

Check out the workmanship of the Greer Home Builders by visiting a completed home. You will find that most production Home Builders will have a model home within the subdivision where they are working or have specific “Open House” days were you can take a tour of the available home styles. Ask to view a home currently under construction or near completion so you can get a sense of the quality if you’re looking for a custom built home.

Experience is Essential in your Choice of Greer Home Builders

Remember that the most important thing to keep in mind during your search for Greer Home Builders is experience. Every home-builder needs to start somewhere but without proven experience how will you know what you’re getting? Building a new home can be one of the biggest investments of your life. The wiser choice might be to choose Greer Home Builders with experience to construct your new home.

For a lot of people, building new home is something they will only do once in their lives and it is also a very expensive venture. You don’t want to leave anything to chance. Choosing the right Greer Home Builders is the most important step you can make toward getting your new home. Taking the time to find knowledgeable and reliable Home Builders with a record for success is paramount. When you decide to build your dream home, spending a little time in locating reliable Greer Home Builders can be time well spent.
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